Its Official

14 09 2009

Hi everyone who read this blog, I am officially moved out from wordpress to my new home, which is DA BLOGSPOT!!

Click here to check it out


I’m thinking….

14 09 2009

Macam nak tukar blog. My bf’s blog already migrate to blogger…maybe I should do it too…hehe

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1 more week…

13 09 2009

One more week… till I finish my Industrial Training

Gonna miss Nice IT Centre Sdn Bhd a lot. Gonna miss the boss, the boss’s wife and the boss’s kid. Paling rindu skali kat Ieman…hehe

After I am done with this, I’m gonna head back to my hometown and will be back to Melaka only on 29th Sept for Dip to Beta Briefing and 30th Sept for Industrial Training presentation. Cakap pasal presentation…shyt! Tak buat report lagi…Yabai!

Well, hopefully everything berjalan dengan lancar and lulus…hehe

P/S : Tak sabar nak raya nie~

Puasa hari nie….ahaks

10 09 2009

Pagi tadi dah la sahur ayam khabsa kat kedai arab, nasik dia agak banyak ar. Nie me kat office, tgh menghintung waktu nak balik…

Nampaknya hari nie beli nasi ayam lagi kat bazaar

Lagi seminggu untuk raya, macam mana persiapan korang?

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan

22 08 2009

Selamat berpuasa..

Selamat menjelajah pasar Ramadhan

Selamat membeli makanan….sila jangan tamak

Selamat mengira duit….untuk persiapan raya…haha

Fever Time!!

7 07 2009

Me bf demam

Me roomate demam

Me junior that practikal with me also demam

Me pon rasa macam nak demam….xnak demam!!!

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GiriGiri Fansub

4 07 2009

GiriGiri Fansub announce something. Even though I feel a bit disappointing but they are all humans. Wish all of them the best… GAMBATTE!! I’m looking forward for Mr. Brain fansub!!

We’ve gotten several inquiries about our future projects, so I thought I’d give everyone a mini update about our current schedule. The next two months are going to be extremely busy for the two of us. I am getting ready to move this month, and sarujin will be going on an extended vacation from the end of July – mid August.

So, what does this mean for you? Releases for the next 8 weeks are probably going to be more irregular than they have been for the past 3 months. Real life just has to come first, and we appreciate your patience and understanding. We had originally expected Hancho and Mr. Brain to be over by this point, but both are going to be running until mid-late July. Hopefully we’ll be able to finish Hanchou (if it ends at 15 episodes) before sarujin leaves, but the last episode of Mr. Brain may not be released until her return in August. However, we are committed to finishing all of our projects as quickly as we can. This includes Ando Natsu. Our goal is to finish it by the end of this season, for everyone who has been waiting so patiently for us to work on it.

We won’t be taking on any new projects until we’ve finished all of our current projects. There are a couple of shows this season that look fun, but there are also several series making puppy dog eyes at us from previous seasons too. ^_^ Check back here for further project announcements in late August. ♥

We hope everyone has a lovely summer. 😀

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