Kamen Rider Decade #1

30 01 2009

Kamen Rider Decade (仮面ライダーディケイド Kamen Raidā Dikeido?, Masked Rider DCD) is the title of the 2009 edition of the long-running Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu dramas. Advertisements in Japanese magazines feature the title character amongst the title characters of the previous nine Heisei Kamen Rider Series, with the secondary riders of each series appearing in recent trailers. Decade, as its title suggests, is the tenth of the Heisei Rider Series, having begun with Kamen Rider Kuuga in 2000. It began broadcast the week following the finale of Kamen Rider Kiva and will be featured in Super Hero Time alongside the 2009 edition of the Super Sentai Series, Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Finally got to watched Kamen Rider Decade episode 1 in english subbed. The long awaited series finally started since January 25th and on 30th, I got to watched it.

First of all, GACKT-SAMA!!! You’re song are incredible as always….daisuki!

Before, I follow Kamen Rider Kiva and I don’t regret watching it. Maybe some people will be feeling akward on why me, a girl, watching Kamen Rider at the first place. Easy…the answer to your questions because my boyfriend and his friends will sometimes have Kamen Rider conversation and I dunno what the hell they talking about. So, I decided to watch Kamen Rider Kiva for the fun of it. Before I try to watch Kamen Rider Blade and Faiz but it seems I can’t stomach it but somehow, Kiva’s storyline is a bit different and I love to watch it. I follow it from #1 to #48.

After Kiva comes Decade. The 10th Heisei aniversary Kamen Rider. The numero 10 Kamen Rider. Kamen Rider ke-10. You get my point aite?

What I love about Decade:

  • His belt. Definitely awesome with all that card thingy, and the 9 Kamen Rider symbol.
  • His Henshin…..kakkoii!
  • His action when changing to another Kamen Rider.
  • The heroin are kinda cute
  • His suit design…..not the color though

What I hate about Decade:

  • His suit is pink
  • For the fact that I know about Kiva only, so it kinda confusing while trying to figure out which Kamen Rider that he represent on the episode.
  • The lead actor is less ikemen then the lead actor of Kiva. >.<

Contain spoiler, read at your own risk

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Its getting close

27 01 2009

The new sem gonna start soon…yabai!

6 more days to a new sem…. wish me luck!!


27 01 2009

I have 6 more days till I will go back to Melaka.

Today, on Chinese New Year, my mom decided to go to Muar to visit my grandma. I, downlaoding a lot of stuff, decided to let it downloading and left it and follow my mom to Muar.

Fuck shyt things happen, when I came back from Muar, all my download progress is on error and I have to redownload everything. I repeat, everything!!


Kamen Rider Kiva epi 48

24 01 2009

Episode 48 is the finale of Kamen Rider Kiva…all that I can say is the ending is ROFL!

People who din’t see yet, better not click to read more because it might contain spoiler. Click at your own risk.

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23 01 2009

Today is January 24th, 2009

Another 9 days till new semester

Another 8 days for my arrival at Melaka

Kamen Rider Kiva has reach its finale. Wonder how is Kamen Rider Decade. At least the OP is sung by Gackt

Currently downloading Ryusei no Kizuna. Quite a good one…but we’ll see how the ending is.

Nothing to update anyway, just randomly rambling…haha…  =.=’



Let see how smart you are…

22 01 2009

Find it here

(Passing requires 4 correct answers)
Please answer all questions before scrolling down for the answers.
1 ) How long did the Hundred Years’ War last?

2 ) Which country makes Panama hats?

3 ) From which animal do we get catgut?

4 ) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution?

5 ) What is a camel’s hair brush made of?

6 ) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal?

7 ) What was King George VI’s first name?

8 ) What color is a purple finch?

9 ) Where are Chinese Gooseberries from?

10 ) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane?

All done?
Remember, you need 4 correct answers to pass. Check your answers below.

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Seigi no Mikata

22 01 2009

Summary from DramaWiki

15-year-old Yoko, a young girl who is constantly tormented by her self-centered and devilish older sister Makiko, who works for a government office after having graduated from a famous university. But despite her ill nature, Makiko’s actions tend to somehow make things better for those around her, causing others to praise her as an “ally of justice.”

Seigi no Mikata a.k.a Ally of Justice is a comedy genre Japanese drama which airing from July 09, 2008 till September 10, 2008. Consist of 10 episode and each episode is fun to watch.

I recommend for you to watch this and from 5 star, I will give this Jdrama 3.5 star. Haha…

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