Kamen Rider Kiva child version

2 03 2009

I can’t believe it when I saw Kamen Rider Decade episode 4 and 5. They go to Kiva’s sekai and meet Kiva while he is still a kid. Maybe somebody somewhere wondering who is this kid that potray Kurenai Wataru/Kiva in child version.

His name is Fukasawa Arashi…wow…even his name means Storm. Arashi = Storm. Maybe one day he gonna be a big Japanese idol someday. Well, back to topic. His name is Fukasawa Arashi. Born on August 3rd, 1996. So, it means, he is currently 12  to 13 years old. His star sign is Leo and he is from Smile-Monkey agency. I only saw his movie once which he play as a boy who found a super-kawaii fox but something about that fox is blind, deaf and mute. The titled is Kitsugane Helen or Helen the Baby Fox.

Well, what more can I tell you about this super-major-kawaii boy…. no people, I am not a loli-shota fan. I just love super-kawaii boys…. erk….isn’t that loli-shota type of things. Oh, well….whatever happen. Haha

Well, if his profile in DramaWiki is correct, which I din’t confirm yet, he also acts in Cat Street and Zeni Geba but I din’t watch any of that drama yet, so I can’t be sure. So, here goes the actor who potray child version of Kamen Rider Kiva.

I salute you Arashi-chan~




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3 03 2009


3 03 2009

memang dia sangat kawaii~

25 12 2015

Eu estou muito interessado em fazer curso, porem como todo mundo, eu tenho
minhas duvidas.

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