Its Official

14 09 2009

Hi everyone who read this blog, I am officially moved out from wordpress to my new home, which is DA BLOGSPOT!!

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I’m thinking….

14 09 2009

Macam nak tukar blog. My bf’s blog already migrate to blogger…maybe I should do it too…hehe

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1 more week…

13 09 2009

One more week… till I finish my Industrial Training

Gonna miss Nice IT Centre Sdn Bhd a lot. Gonna miss the boss, the boss’s wife and the boss’s kid. Paling rindu skali kat Ieman…hehe

After I am done with this, I’m gonna head back to my hometown and will be back to Melaka only on 29th Sept for Dip to Beta Briefing and 30th Sept for Industrial Training presentation. Cakap pasal presentation…shyt! Tak buat report lagi…Yabai!

Well, hopefully everything berjalan dengan lancar and lulus…hehe

P/S : Tak sabar nak raya nie~

Puasa hari nie….ahaks

10 09 2009

Pagi tadi dah la sahur ayam khabsa kat kedai arab, nasik dia agak banyak ar. Nie me kat office, tgh menghintung waktu nak balik…

Nampaknya hari nie beli nasi ayam lagi kat bazaar

Lagi seminggu untuk raya, macam mana persiapan korang?