Japanese Hamburger

28 10 2008

Hari nie, nak mencuba buat Japanese Hamburger gitu…hahaha….agak berjaya jugak la tapi ada skip satu step untuk buat sos dia sebab malas dan xder Worcestershire sauce. ^_^

Bahan-bahan yang me guna…huhu

The final result!!! Hahaha…just in case la kalau wondering, yang kuning-kuning tue ialah scrambled egg. Nampak sedap tak?

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October 27th, 2008 purchase

27 10 2008

Gonna feature 2 items here. Just buy a new handbag and cookie cutters. Haha

Buy this handbag to match with my Raya shoes that also white… ^_^

Cookie cutters. With 3 different sizes. I buy star and heart shape, maybe for the future bento making…haha…Can’t wait to use it…


26 10 2008

Semalam habis download Jotei. One of my fave JDorama. Jotei or in translation Empress, consist of 10 episodes. If sapa-sapa nak tgk cerita nie, sila pastikan anak-anak atau kanak-kanak yang berumur bawah 18 tahun jauh dari anda semasa menonton Jotei kerana dalam drama nie ada scene bermesra-mesra terlampau…haha

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Testing da egg molds

20 10 2008

Well, I have 3 weeks holiday and all so I am stuck at home doing nothing other than surfing webs and downloading J-Dorama. I decided to try the newly bought egg molds.

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Bento Boxes

18 10 2008

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List of items here:

1. 2 bento bag
2. 2 bento boxes
3. egg molds (bunny and bear shape)
4. beige and green apple color forks, spoons and chopstics

I finally got the chance to open this package. The dealer is a very nice girl. She’s very careful to pack all of this stuff, in return I have a lot of newapapers shreds.

RM2 Sushi King Card Bonanza

15 10 2008

Presenting!!! RM2 Sushi King Card Bonanza, an event from Sushi King. For member only, RM2 for any rice-based sushi on the belt.

Well, on 14th October. we went to the Sushi King @ Jusco, Malacca to fiil our stomachs with all that sushi… ^_^

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Itazura na Kiss

13 10 2008

Romantic Comedy type of anime. An anime based from a manga in the same name, Itazura na Kiss or in translation (maybe) ‘Mischievous Kiss’. This anime have 25 episodes.

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