Ueda Tatsuya – Love in Snow

12 06 2008

Recently, I’ve taken interest in Japan boyband called KAT-TUN. Later I will tell what KAT-TUN mean, but the main story here, one of the group member of KAT-TUN is Ueda Tatsuya. He is handsome and cute at the same time. I love his voice and all. While I am searching him on Youtube, I found this performance. I dunno which concert but he sang Love in Snow. The song are like someone heartbroken, someone who want to see his lover and so on. Please hear this song and tell me what you think.

P/S : This song is sad, I wanna cry!!!


Kitties and more kitties

10 06 2008

Some of my fren might know this, at my home, there are a stray female cats give birth to 4 kittens 6 months ago. The same stray cats give birth again to 4 kittens.

Total kittens = 8.
Totals kitties = 8

I have 2 pets, and its both cats. Ray and Puteh.

Total pets = 2
Total kitties = kittens + pets = 10

There are 3 stray cats that always eat at my house, and they all female. My male cats become playboy and bring home wives…haihz.

Total stray = 3

Total kitties = kittens + pets + stray = 13.

My mom once wish to have an orange colored cat. Her wish came true when 6 month ago, one of the kitten is orange color and her ‘belang’ oso unique. But her wish came true too much because due to her wish, there are another 3 orange color kittens. >.<

So, mom, becareful what u wished for kay