Otanjoubi Omedeto Taguchi Junnosuke-san

29 11 2008

Happy B’day Junno! Hpe you happy and healthy always.

A bit of info to someone who dunno who is Taguchi Junnosuke




Name: Taguchi Junnosuke
Nickname: Junno, Jun, Guchii, Tagu-chan, Taguchi-kun, Junnosukebe
Birthdate: 1985.11.29
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: AB
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64 kg
B/W/H: 89/71/96 cm
Eyesight: 0.3
Family: parents, 1 brother, 1 sister
Entered Johnny’s: May 16, 1999 when he was 13
Favorite color: Green, pink
Favorite season: Spring
Admired sempai: SMAP
Hobbies: Video games, billiard, dancing
Horoscope: Sagittarius

About Taguchi Junnosuke:-
1. The first T of KAT-TUN
2. He is best known for being the most acrobatic, the tallest, as well as the only left handed member in the group
3. He is also known for dajare (Japanese word-puns), especially his hit phrase of “Iriguchi, Deguchi, Taguchi desu!” (Entrance, Exit, I’m Taguchi!) He uses dajare often on Cartoon KAT-TUN.
4. The tallest member of KAT-TUN and he is left-handed.
5. Currently addicted to tap dancing.
6. His trademarks are the acrobatic stunts he performs in KAT-TUN’s concerts and his smile.
7. His interests are billiards (participated in an official game with respectable placing) and drums.
8. He had a fan club in grade school and middle school.
9. He is good friends with Kanjani8 member Tadayoshi Ōkura.
10. He often cracks jokes, or dasharé (dajare – Japanese jokes using puns)
11. Is not interested in finding girlfriends, but if he were, he would like to teach her billiards.
12. He is often told to be the most boring person in KAT-TUN.
13. He can be seen as the member with the biggest smile, but he looks almost serious when dancing.
14. He admits he to being a conservative man.
15. Since he is southpaw, he can play many sports because he has good hand-eye coordination.
16. He is very carefree and positive in life.
17. His 2008 solo song, Natsu no Basho is related to his liking the summer season.
18. He is a smart person.

[2001] Shounen wa Tori ni Natta
[2001] Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru
[2005] Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
[2006] Happy!
[2006] Happy! 2
[2007] Hanayome to Papa
[2007] Yukan Club

[2002] Mouhouhan

11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Oct-Dec 2007): Best Supporting Actor for Yukan Club


Bento #2 and #3

22 11 2008

Bento #2 is more for breakfast then lunch. I’ve make it on Thursday because my class only in the morning and I want to sleep the whole day so I make that bento for breakfast.

Rice porridge, scrambled egg and canned sardine. For the sardine, while I cook it I put some curry powder. The curry powder for me is to make the ‘hanyir’ taste disappear. On the porridge, instead soy sauce, I pour some of the sardine gravy.For the egg, I fried it without salt, just pepper is enough for me. I think that the sardine already have much taste in it so the egg is to level down the taste a bit.

On Friday, my mom suddenly decided to come and visit me. So I take that chance to buy some veggies and fruits. I buy some salad, japanese cucumber, tomamtoes, apples and chickens.

Bento #3 contain white rice, grilled chicken, boiled potato, salad and cucumber. Finally my bento got some veggies aite? The grilled chicken, I marinated with some salt and pepper only, then grilled it in my oven toaster. The taste is quite okay…haha but I love the juicyness. I write this entry while eating bento #3 *grin*

Bento #1

19 11 2008

My attempt of bento-ing was actually….kinda….maybe failed? Let the picture do the talking

Sorry the quality of the picture are kinda blurry and low, I only have Nokia 3660 camera and its megapixel are are basically sucks. White short-grain rice, canned mackerel in chilli sauce and star-shaped grilled potato. That’s what in the bento. I only have rice cooker, oven toaster, multipurpose cooker and really small fridge. So I don’t have a lot of space to keep veggie, fruits or any other frozen stuff. *sigh* Maybe gonna buy carrot or cucumber, if I have the budget. The star-shaped potato actually an experiment for my star-shaped cookie cutter that I buy from The Store at Kluang. Well, you will see a lot of canned sardine or mackerel in my bento because I got lots of it. ^_^

Other than that, this actually what I’ve do yesterday or so but too lazy too blog about it. Once again, testing the cookie cutter but this time it is heart-shaped one. I use it on bread and toast it in my oven toaster. Put a bit of sugar, it looks like cookie or some sort. *grin*

Kawaii desyo~ Haha, and one more thing, egg mayonaisse sandwich

I accidently put too much salt and it is salty. Can’t finish everything because of the saltiness but I manage to finish about half. If you squint your eyes to the picture a bit, you will see on the left sandwich, the egg are kinda reddish? Well, I mix a bit of chilli sauce for taste and trying to cool down the saltiness but it failed miserably. *knock her head* Baka me.

Well, that’s all, other people who pro at cooking and bento-ing must be smirking at my post right now. I know, I’m bad at this. Haha



17 11 2008

I’m suppose to have class at 11am today. At first I thought that I just gonna skipped it but go at the end. Arrive at the tutorial class on 11am sharp and there’s class on going. Wait outside for a while and when they all go, I go and wait in the class. So far I saw lots of juniors waiting in front of the class, assuming that they also take the same subject. In the class with me, there’s one girl. She ask if that class is the subject she taken. It is the same as my subject. Wait for 30 minutes in there, then decided to go back home. Even that gal decided to just go. The other juniors waiting in front of the class all already gone by then.


If I know, I should just stay at home and watch Jdorama

My Jdorama List 1

13 11 2008

My Jdorama List 1

Originally uploaded by flamephoenix

This is the list of JDorama that I have watched, burn it on DVD and still keeping it. There’s a few more I suppose to put in there but, kinda lazy to find their pics, haha. Tell me what Jdorama in my list that you have watch… ^_^

Liar Game

13 11 2008

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Otanjobi Omedetou Tanaka Koki-san

4 11 2008

Tanaka Koki, the second T from KAT-TUN, his birthday is on November 5th, same as me!!!!

Happy Birthday Koki-san!

Happy Birthday to everyone who borned on November 5th!

Happy Birthday to me!

T_T (I’m getting older~)

A bit of info about Tanaka Koki….

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