Ip Man

5 03 2009

Finally get the chance to watch this movie. Ip Man…that’s a name of a martial art master or more correctly, his name is Yip Man. Well, my bf call him IP Man…Internet Protocol Man. LOL! Well, now he know that the movie is called Ip Man, as in people’s name, not IP Man, the Internet Protocol. Cayang, got it?

Well, this movie is a semi-bio of Yip Man. If you want to know more about Yip Man, all you can do is Google it. ^__^

This movie basically for me is about Ip Man’s life as a master of Wing Chun kungfu and his life when the 2nd Sino-Japanese War happens. The cool thing about his kungfu skill is his punch. Too fast punch, when he punch you, he punch you so fast and I don’t think you can counter attack him or even defense yourself.

Well, to ensure that I don’t give any spoiler, I will write it short. For this movie, under action genre, chinese language and historic scenery, I give 4.5 out of 5 stars!!!! It absolutely awesome movie to watch, will get a bit teary at the end but fun to watch because of his movements.

Parts that I really love is when he was fighting with some guy and when they fight in his house, there’s a lot of things get broken and then his son, just cycling in front of him telling Ip Man to start attack because his mommy said if Ip Man din’t start attacking, everything in the house wil get broken. Something like that. You guys have to see it. Definitely gonna make you wanna learn Wing Chun art.