Daiso @ Melaka

5 04 2009

OMG! I can’t believe my ears when my friend, Sakura, told me about it. There’s Daiso at Carrefour, Melaka. I was like screaming out loud when I found out. So, I decided to go there today, with my friends and boyfriend.

Daiso at Carrefour, Melaka. Please believe me, its true. ^__^

I was so happy when I found out…hehe….I so want to go to Daiso at The Curve but when I found out we got here at Melaka, why waste any travel money when you can spent more money at Daiso. Unfortunately, I don’t have much money so I budget myself to only spent RM20. This is what I buy~

Bento box and sauce container

Well, and two more random stuff, on bento side, there’s not much design but I happily taken with kitechen accessories. Soon, I will get more money to buy mkore stuff there. Not just for bento but a few other stuff too….hehe….

I’m officially become Daiso addict. Maybe I will go crazy if I go to Daiso at The Curve, I heard its bigger


Being a student…

3 04 2009

…are so hard.

With studying, with completing assignment, with suprise quizzes, with quizzes, with midterms, with final exams, with rfailing a subject, with …. well, you guys get the idea.

owh, also with some people who actually hate themself and like to make other people suffer which the people that they try to suffer doesn’t care at all. life sucks for that kind of people I tell you. just a bother to small space that we live in but well, humans are different anyway….

just completing an Operating System’s assignment and now I have to study for Program Design’s midterm which will be held on April 1oth. =.=’

well…just randomly babbling around. have a nice day, people!