Journey Through the Decade Full Version Lyric, MP3 and PV

28 03 2009

Feel free to download the PV, MP3 and take the lyrics but please leave a comment…thanks

Download Journey Through the Decade PV :

MU :

Download Journey Through the Decade MP3

MU :

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Lyric :

Title : Journey Through the Decade
Singer : Gackt

Miageru hoshi sorezore no rekishi ga kagayaite
Seiza no you sen de musubu shunkan hajimaru legend
Aurora yurameku jikuu wo koete
Tobikomu meisou suru Parallel world

On the road dare mo tabi no tochuu honto no jibun jishin deau tame
Arukitsuzukeru no sa ima wo We are all travellers
Boku no me no mae ni hirogaru kokonotsu michi wa itsuka kasanatte
Atarashii yoake e to tsuzuku michi ni kawaru no darou
Mokugekise yo Journey through the decade

Rensu goshi ni kiritotta keshiki wo mitsumete mo
Shinjutsu to wa kokoro no me no naka ni utsuru mono sa
Dokoka de tatakai no maku ga aki
Boku to iu genjitsu sarou Halation

On the road tabi ni deru riyuu wa sekai ga horobiru mirai kawaru tame
Motto tsuyoku yume wo idake We are all dreamers
Boku no unmei wa kanarazu juudome ni tachi agatta sono toki ni
Atarashii kaze wo torinukeru michi ga hiraku no darou
Mokugekise yo Journey through the decade

Jibun ga shunkan goto ni ketsudan suru sono subete de
Mirai wa risou ni mo zetsubou ni mo kawatte yuku
Dakara kitto shinjita michi hashire

On the road dare mo tabi no tochuu honto no jibunjishin deau tame
Arukitsuzukeru no sa ima wo We are all travellers
Boku no me no mae ni hirogaru kokonotsu michi wa itsuka kasanatte
Atarashii yoake e to tsuzuku michi ni kawaru no darou
Mokugekise yo Journey through the decade

*credit to everyone who supplying me with all of this. The lyric, the mp3 and the PV.


Finally got it!

26 03 2009

Well, last nite went to Kluang Mall and I finally got to buy LG Q KS360. RM699 with free 1G memory card, kinda expensive but not so expensive like my mom Nokia Express Music…haha

My Red Version LG Q KS360…. banzai! banzai!

BTW, while walking around the Kluang Mall, Sushi King already opened it store there!! Yatta! I can go eat sushi there everyday! Haha…now Kluang’s people have a new place to hang out eh, no longer just kopitiam and all….hahaha…but Kluang Station still is my fave.

To anyone who want to buy LG Q KS360, please check carefully your phone before purchasing. Ask whether the system is already updated or not, or your phone will have a bit of problem to shut down

Jdrama reminder list!

24 03 2009

I will soon download:
1. Zeni Geba *priority*
3. Love Shuffle *priority*
5. Q.E.D
6. Kami no Shizuku *priority*

I will soon follow, watch, wait and download one by one:
1. Konkatsu! – just because Ueda Tatsuya in it
2. Atashinchi no Danshi – because the drama look interesting and lots of ikemen in here…haha

Maybe will watch :
1. Majo Saiban
2. Smile
4. Meitantei no Okite

I think this is all for now…if found anything interested, maybe will update the list

Journey through the Decade PV

24 03 2009

Finally, the official PV have been released. I love the PV!

Before the release, I though that Gack will ‘Henshin’ too but I assume wrong…haha

Enjoy the vidz!

Anyone want to download the video, feel free to download it here, please use Megaupload free account

Promotional Video

Ripped MP3

OMG! Ueda Tatsuya will be in a drama?

23 03 2009

Well, I was usually surfing the website and checking my Facebook and all when suddenly one of my Facebook’s friend’s notes announcing that Ueda Tatsuya will be starred in JDrama.

I never thought I will live and see the day Ueda Tatsuya acting in JDrama. So, I directly search for the drama at dramawiki and found it.

Well, Ueda is not the lead actor but he is in there. The Jdrama titled is Konkatsu! and the lead is Nakai Masahiro. It will be aired on April 20, 2009

I can’t wait to see Ueda Tatsuya’s Japanese drama debut!

Gambatte Tatsuya-kun!! Do your best…

P/S : If anyone know which subbers or website that will release RAW and subtitles, please do tell me.

Mizushima Hiro

22 03 2009

First time I saw him is in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e as playboy character Nanba-senpai. First I though he was sooo cute and kinda charming. Then my bf say that he also an actor for Kamen Rider Kabuto. I never watch that Jdrama yet but I kinda watch some episodes and he look deliciously dangerous….haha….

Well, I just finish watching the finale episode of Mei-chan no Shitsuji and let me tell you, damn he is burning hot….kya!!!!Well, let me tell you about Mizushima Hiro a bit.

Sexy desho~ KYA!

It seems that, through dramawiki, Mizushima Hiro is not his real name but well, lots of idols use different name, right? He was born on April 13, 1985. That makes him around 23 or 24 years old. With 1.80 metre height and that cutesie face, who din’t fall in love with him. ^_^

Well, I only saw him in Gokusen 2, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, Zettai Kareshi, and Mei-chan no Shitsuji. I wonder what his next project is? I heard that he gonna be Kamen Rider Kabuto again in Kamen Rider Decade series. We’ll see about that….*drool*

Mei-chan no Shitsuji

16 03 2009

Yatta! One more episode and we will know what will happen to Mei and her butler, Rihito.

You are wondering what is Mei-chan no Shitsuji is all about? Well, in this 10 or is it 11…well…the dramawiki say it is 10 episode, it is about Shinonome Mei, a girl who is poor and live happily with her parents who open a small udon restaurant. Little that she know that her parents will be dead and she is a candidate for Hongo’s heir. It means she is actually rich but well, it will not be simple.

Well, I don’t want to write a spoiler. It just that to be a successor, she need to go to rich school and that school is St. Lucia Girls Academy and in that school, every rich girl must have at least one handsome butler. Sound interesting? Please do watch it. I am definitely recommended it.

For boys, in here you will find Kamen Rider Kabuto and Kamen Rider Faiz. Oh, and Kamen Rider Ixa from Kamen Rider Kiva. HAVE FUN!