Bling Bling Hairclip

4 06 2009

I dunno why but recently I am interested in craftings.

I want to learn how to knit, sew and crochet. I wish I am more artistic but unfortunately I’m not.
So, all that artistic feeling that exist in my soul which I doubt I have, I created this ugly looking bling bling hairclip.

If some people bling out their hp, I’ll try on my hairclip

Quite ugly rite? Haha

Well, I got this idea when I was reading Xiaxue’s blog and watch her Guide to Life videos.

So, if you want to know how, please find her video at her blogs. Damn, my hairclip turn from boring to ugly…. T_T

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Current Addiction : Ghost Online (GO)

8 04 2007

OK, currently apa yg aku addicted kan is GHOST ONLINE. Game nie kan, macam maple but different character, different monster…etc etc…

Aku pon baru jek mula main Ghost Online nie. Dalam 2, 3 hari lepas. Nie char pertama aku. Masih peasant lagi. So far, apa yang aku tau, ada 3 job jek kat dalam GO nie. Assasin, Magician and Warrior. Dalam nie, macam Maple Story ada gak quest2 dia. Tapi apa yg best kat sini, nama monster dia kelakar skit. Ada satu monster tue nama dia Keropok. Rupa dia macam ikan tapi ada kaki. Ada Mr. Lompat, rupa macam belalang….macam2 lagi la….

So, apa lagi. Meh la join GO, motto GO nie, setahu aku… “Free For Life”…. Nak main GO x yah bayar, free jeks. Register, download, pas 2 main la…

Char aku tengah bertapa….LOL