Coming Soon~

18 04 2007

Due to my monitor telah pon membutakan matanya, skrg dia dalam kedai sedang diperbaiki…

And due to that, i can’t really blogging every day…so coming soon~

1. My new hair…yay!!

2. Sunrise trip at Pantai Kundur…(ya…we love beach so much)

Tue je kot so far…hehe….


7 Must Have Makeup Tools

10 04 2007

Source :

1. Eye Shadow Brush
This fluffy eye shadow brush isn’t just smart for applying your eye color accurately, but preserving it. “If you put fingers in your eye shadow, then you add moisture to it from your fingers, and that causes your shadow to become packed and cakey,” advises Laura. “A brush is also best because a [cotton swab or spongey applicator] doesn’t allow you to manage the eye powder with as much precision.” Laura suggests brushing eye shadow onto your eyelid and brow bone, using a matte shadow all over the lid and then a light shadow with a little shimmer on the brow bone to highlight it.

2. Detail Brush
The skin around the eyes is delicate and can get a little crinkly and saggy as we age, making it more difficult to apply eye makeup smoothly and evenly. A small, narrow brush makes applying makeup around the tiny corners and creases of your eyes simpler. Laura says small, tight brushes can also help create eyes that really pop because they allow you to accent the eyes’ contours more exactly. They also make applying eye color to the lash line a snap.
Laura also says most women just need one good small brush. Which one to choose? A couple of small brushes that Laura suggests are a broad, tapered crease brush or a small ponytail brush. A crease brush helps control eye color along the crease of your eyelid. A ponytail brush is great when you want to lightly layer and blend color along the crease of the eye. If eyeliner is more your style, then consider a pointed eyeliner brush that allows you to control the thickness of the liner by how much pressure you apply with the brush.

3. Blush Brush
As with powder eye shadow, never put your fingers in your powder blush to prevent it from caking. A blush brush is the way to go for perfect rosy cheeks. It’s designed to define the natural curves of the cheek area.
Starting at the center of your cheekbone, sometimes called the “apple” of the cheek, gradually move your blush brush in a round circle. And voilà! Your blush will look natural, and you’ll look warm, youthful and happy.

4. Makeup Sponge
Applying foundation with your fingers is a big no-no, cautions Laura. If you do, then you’ll inevitably slather on more than you need, and it’ll appear uneven.
Sponges are best to apply foundation. Using a sponge, you can dab foundation on with control, and sponges are relatively gentle on your skin. Laura says to dab foundation “here and there” to even out redness or other discoloration

5. Cotton Puff
Use a cotton puff (not a cotton ball) to apply powder to set your marvelous made-up face. “I’m against using a large brush to apply powder because the powder gets splashed on unevenly,” says Laura. “With a brush, the powder is concentrated where you first place the brush, then poofs away. With a cotton puff, you can press the powder on your face evenly while also pushing the pigment of your makeup into your skin. Press it gently; don’t smear it.”

6. Tweezers
It’s a rare woman who doesn’t need tweezers, and not just to tailor eyebrows. Laura says women tend to get a little moustache or a little more facial fuzz as they age, and tweezers are a tried-and-true way to pluck out unwanted hair on the face.

7. Eyelash Curler
An eyelash curler is an essential tool for women who have straight eyelashes. It curves eyelashes upward to show off your beautiful eyes. “Just remember,” Laura cautions, “to use the curler before you apply mascara. Your eyelashes are more brittle once mascara is applied to them, so curling them after applying mascara may cause them to break.”

I Am A Magician

8 04 2007

Lepas leveling till level 10, me pon g tukar job la kan. Me decided nak jadi Magician.

Ini la dia Magicianku. Hehe….masa nak jadi Magician tue, kene ada buat 2 quest. Quest pertama ialah kene kumpul 10 scorpion’s tail. Quest kedua ialah take revenge for Mrs. Kang. Hehe…. Masa dah jadi Magician lak, ada kene buat quest lagi, untuk dapatkan skill.

Pas dah buat quest semua, kene la g leveling lagi, bila dah naik level, on certain level, ada skill baru yang bole belajar and new quest to do.

So, gambatte for me, nak naikkan level nie, biar kuat magician ku ini…hehe

Nama character saya Cahaya, comell tak dia?

Current Addiction : Ghost Online (GO)

8 04 2007

OK, currently apa yg aku addicted kan is GHOST ONLINE. Game nie kan, macam maple but different character, different monster…etc etc…

Aku pon baru jek mula main Ghost Online nie. Dalam 2, 3 hari lepas. Nie char pertama aku. Masih peasant lagi. So far, apa yang aku tau, ada 3 job jek kat dalam GO nie. Assasin, Magician and Warrior. Dalam nie, macam Maple Story ada gak quest2 dia. Tapi apa yg best kat sini, nama monster dia kelakar skit. Ada satu monster tue nama dia Keropok. Rupa dia macam ikan tapi ada kaki. Ada Mr. Lompat, rupa macam belalang….macam2 lagi la….

So, apa lagi. Meh la join GO, motto GO nie, setahu aku… “Free For Life”…. Nak main GO x yah bayar, free jeks. Register, download, pas 2 main la…

Char aku tengah bertapa….LOL

7 Food to Lengthen Your Life

6 04 2007

source :

1. Nuts : Sprinkle two ounces on your cereal or salad each day to reduce your LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by 14 percent

2. Fruits and Vegetables : Eat five, 3/4 cup servings daily to lower your blood pressure, slash your risk of cancer, and lower your heart disease risk by 21 percent.

3. Fish : Have three servings every week (good choices include baked trout or broiled wild salmon). Women of childbearing age and young children should stick to two servings a week and avoid large predatory fish, such as swordfish, albacore tuna, and shark. You’ll cut your risk of heart disease and stroke by 14 percent.

4. Dark Chocolate : Savor two ounces with a minimum of 60 percent cocoa content each day, and your risk of cardiovascular disease dips 11 percent.

5. Garlic : Add just one clove (cooked or raw) daily to pasta, salad, or a stir-fry to drop your LDL cholesterol. This can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke by 38 percent.

6. Wine : Sip a five-ounce glass each evening to cut your risk of heart disease by 32 percent.

Eh…. *scroll up and count again, check Oprah’s web* Errrr, ada 6 jeks….is it fruits and veggies count as 2 food item? Hehe

Oh…and ignore number 6 if you are Muslim…hehe


5 04 2007

Monitor ku blackout….

End of story…..

The end….

*tarik rambut* Grrrrrrrrrr


4 04 2007

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