Bento #1

19 11 2008

My attempt of bento-ing was actually….kinda….maybe failed? Let the picture do the talking

Sorry the quality of the picture are kinda blurry and low, I only have Nokia 3660 camera and its megapixel are are basically sucks. White short-grain rice, canned mackerel in chilli sauce and star-shaped grilled potato. That’s what in the bento. I only have rice cooker, oven toaster, multipurpose cooker and really small fridge. So I don’t have a lot of space to keep veggie, fruits or any other frozen stuff. *sigh* Maybe gonna buy carrot or cucumber, if I have the budget. The star-shaped potato actually an experiment for my star-shaped cookie cutter that I buy from The Store at Kluang. Well, you will see a lot of canned sardine or mackerel in my bento because I got lots of it. ^_^

Other than that, this actually what I’ve do yesterday or so but too lazy too blog about it. Once again, testing the cookie cutter but this time it is heart-shaped one. I use it on bread and toast it in my oven toaster. Put a bit of sugar, it looks like cookie or some sort. *grin*

Kawaii desyo~ Haha, and one more thing, egg mayonaisse sandwich

I accidently put too much salt and it is salty. Can’t finish everything because of the saltiness but I manage to finish about half. If you squint your eyes to the picture a bit, you will see on the left sandwich, the egg are kinda reddish? Well, I mix a bit of chilli sauce for taste and trying to cool down the saltiness but it failed miserably. *knock her head* Baka me.

Well, that’s all, other people who pro at cooking and bento-ing must be smirking at my post right now. I know, I’m bad at this. Haha



Japanese Hamburger

28 10 2008

Hari nie, nak mencuba buat Japanese Hamburger gitu…hahaha….agak berjaya jugak la tapi ada skip satu step untuk buat sos dia sebab malas dan xder Worcestershire sauce. ^_^

Bahan-bahan yang me guna…huhu

The final result!!! Hahaha…just in case la kalau wondering, yang kuning-kuning tue ialah scrambled egg. Nampak sedap tak?

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Testing da egg molds

20 10 2008

Well, I have 3 weeks holiday and all so I am stuck at home doing nothing other than surfing webs and downloading J-Dorama. I decided to try the newly bought egg molds.

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