OMG! Ueda Tatsuya will be in a drama?

23 03 2009

Well, I was usually surfing the website and checking my Facebook and all when suddenly one of my Facebook’s friend’s notes announcing that Ueda Tatsuya will be starred in JDrama.

I never thought I will live and see the day Ueda Tatsuya acting in JDrama. So, I directly search for the drama at dramawiki and found it.

Well, Ueda is not the lead actor but he is in there. The Jdrama titled is Konkatsu! and the lead is Nakai Masahiro. It will be aired on April 20, 2009

I can’t wait to see Ueda Tatsuya’s Japanese drama debut!

Gambatte Tatsuya-kun!! Do your best…

P/S : If anyone know which subbers or website that will release RAW and subtitles, please do tell me.



22 12 2008

Gomen-ne minna

As if there’s minna in my blog here, I just assume there is readers…haha

I am too busy and too lazy…well…more lazy than busy to update this blog. Nothing new happening.

No outing…

No cooking bento…

But there is a LAN party organize by the tenants where I am staying right now but I don’t want to talk about it. haha

OH! KAT-TUN release a new single for Christmas and it’s called White X’mas. The song are nice and the melody are soothing but the lyrics, I dunno Japanese but due to the translation that some provided, it is quite sad. Something about a lover waiting for his lover but she din’t came or something like that. Wakanai~

Anyhow, I hate Junno’s and Koki’s new image. They seems dull compare to others…oh well….its their style. There’s nothing I could do aite?

What’s more…………..


Nothing more……I guess?

Oh…. Happy Christmas to whoever that celebrate it and I’m gonna go back to my hometown o this Wednesday and coming back to Melaka on Monday. Till then, ja ne~


Otanjoubi Omedeto Taguchi Junnosuke-san

29 11 2008

Happy B’day Junno! Hpe you happy and healthy always.

A bit of info to someone who dunno who is Taguchi Junnosuke




Name: Taguchi Junnosuke
Nickname: Junno, Jun, Guchii, Tagu-chan, Taguchi-kun, Junnosukebe
Birthdate: 1985.11.29
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: AB
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 64 kg
B/W/H: 89/71/96 cm
Eyesight: 0.3
Family: parents, 1 brother, 1 sister
Entered Johnny’s: May 16, 1999 when he was 13
Favorite color: Green, pink
Favorite season: Spring
Admired sempai: SMAP
Hobbies: Video games, billiard, dancing
Horoscope: Sagittarius

About Taguchi Junnosuke:-
1. The first T of KAT-TUN
2. He is best known for being the most acrobatic, the tallest, as well as the only left handed member in the group
3. He is also known for dajare (Japanese word-puns), especially his hit phrase of “Iriguchi, Deguchi, Taguchi desu!” (Entrance, Exit, I’m Taguchi!) He uses dajare often on Cartoon KAT-TUN.
4. The tallest member of KAT-TUN and he is left-handed.
5. Currently addicted to tap dancing.
6. His trademarks are the acrobatic stunts he performs in KAT-TUN’s concerts and his smile.
7. His interests are billiards (participated in an official game with respectable placing) and drums.
8. He had a fan club in grade school and middle school.
9. He is good friends with Kanjani8 member Tadayoshi Ōkura.
10. He often cracks jokes, or dasharé (dajare – Japanese jokes using puns)
11. Is not interested in finding girlfriends, but if he were, he would like to teach her billiards.
12. He is often told to be the most boring person in KAT-TUN.
13. He can be seen as the member with the biggest smile, but he looks almost serious when dancing.
14. He admits he to being a conservative man.
15. Since he is southpaw, he can play many sports because he has good hand-eye coordination.
16. He is very carefree and positive in life.
17. His 2008 solo song, Natsu no Basho is related to his liking the summer season.
18. He is a smart person.

[2001] Shounen wa Tori ni Natta
[2001] Omae no Yukichi ga Naiteiru
[2005] Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
[2006] Happy!
[2006] Happy! 2
[2007] Hanayome to Papa
[2007] Yukan Club

[2002] Mouhouhan

11th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Oct-Dec 2007): Best Supporting Actor for Yukan Club

Otanjoubi Omedetou Ueda Tatsuya-san!!!

4 10 2008

Sorry for the late wish. One more time, Happy Birthday Ueda Tatsuya-san. May you live a happy life and a longer life. Yay!!!

Well, if someone wondering who is Ueda Tatsuya, a bit of info about him

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Ueda Tatsuya – Love in Snow

12 06 2008

Recently, I’ve taken interest in Japan boyband called KAT-TUN. Later I will tell what KAT-TUN mean, but the main story here, one of the group member of KAT-TUN is Ueda Tatsuya. He is handsome and cute at the same time. I love his voice and all. While I am searching him on Youtube, I found this performance. I dunno which concert but he sang Love in Snow. The song are like someone heartbroken, someone who want to see his lover and so on. Please hear this song and tell me what you think.

P/S : This song is sad, I wanna cry!!!