Final Exams

31 12 2008

To all MMU-ians, good luck for your finals. Do your best!!!



27 12 2008

Why is it people tend to think everything is all about them?

A bit of advice to Facebook-user, when you see and read a status, please THINK first before you actually comment on other people’s status.

Not everything is about you and this world did not belong to you or revolve around you.


26 12 2008

Meet ….


She is one of the new kitten in the house at my hometown. At first I don’t realize it but when I observe carefully, I noticed that she is different. Her left front leg have 6 fingers. Cats have finger? Haha…you know what I mean right

See her leg, its abnormal. Different from other cats.

This is her back legs. Usually, other cats have only four fingers but she have five.

Well….whateva it is, she is cute and friendly.

Wanted List #2 : 88 Piece Makeup Palette Shiny Case, Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette, 28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette

25 12 2008

1. Coastal Scents’ 88 Piece Makeup Palette Shiny Case

2. Coastal Scents’ Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette

3. Coastal Scents’ 28 Piece Eye Shadow Neutral Palette

Fish Spa

25 12 2008

Because of Christmas, I decided to went back to my hometown at Kluang but before that, after my mom pick me up at Melaka at Wednesday, we sleep for one night at my grandma’s place at Muar. The daf after, my mom decided to bring my grandma and grandpa to enjoy some breakfast. At Muar, breakfast equal to mee bandung and sate, well, some of us la…haha

After breakfast, we went for Giant there and shop a bit of groceries for the house. There is a fish spa and my mom decided to try it. I join her and later my grandma also. For the fact it was fishes and it tickles as hell. I’m afraid I’m gonna stomp all the fish dead but it kinda nice. They eat away your dry dead skin away from your feet and intoxication on you body through your feet. After 20 minutes, I feel a bit light-headed and a bit healthy…haha

The tub full of fishes that been imported from China.

My grandma trying and both my little cousins who curious about the fish

My feet..haha


22 12 2008

Gomen-ne minna

As if there’s minna in my blog here, I just assume there is readers…haha

I am too busy and too lazy…well…more lazy than busy to update this blog. Nothing new happening.

No outing…

No cooking bento…

But there is a LAN party organize by the tenants where I am staying right now but I don’t want to talk about it. haha

OH! KAT-TUN release a new single for Christmas and it’s called White X’mas. The song are nice and the melody are soothing but the lyrics, I dunno Japanese but due to the translation that some provided, it is quite sad. Something about a lover waiting for his lover but she din’t came or something like that. Wakanai~

Anyhow, I hate Junno’s and Koki’s new image. They seems dull compare to others…oh well….its their style. There’s nothing I could do aite?

What’s more…………..


Nothing more……I guess?

Oh…. Happy Christmas to whoever that celebrate it and I’m gonna go back to my hometown o this Wednesday and coming back to Melaka on Monday. Till then, ja ne~


Wanted #1 : LG Q KS360

9 12 2008

I finally found my dream phone and mom, I WANT IT!!!

I hope I can have it soon…or maybe later…or maybe later later but I want it no matter what.

LG Q KS360