Daiso @ Melaka

5 04 2009

OMG! I can’t believe my ears when my friend, Sakura, told me about it. There’s Daiso at Carrefour, Melaka. I was like screaming out loud when I found out. So, I decided to go there today, with my friends and boyfriend.

Daiso at Carrefour, Melaka. Please believe me, its true. ^__^

I was so happy when I found out…hehe….I so want to go to Daiso at The Curve but when I found out we got here at Melaka, why waste any travel money when you can spent more money at Daiso. Unfortunately, I don’t have much money so I budget myself to only spent RM20. This is what I buy~

Bento box and sauce container

Well, and two more random stuff, on bento side, there’s not much design but I happily taken with kitechen accessories. Soon, I will get more money to buy mkore stuff there. Not just for bento but a few other stuff too….hehe….

I’m officially become Daiso addict. Maybe I will go crazy if I go to Daiso at The Curve, I heard its bigger




4 responses

12 04 2009

hahaaa.glad that you like the shop

7 08 2009

wow…i will go to melaka in this 2 or 3 days…i will go to daisho also to buy some bento stuff…are u sure? can I have the address?

25 02 2010

Hi, Is real Daiso in Malacca?

Cant believe it!! must go there right away..tq 4 the info!!

22 03 2011

Just looking whether melaka got Daiso and found ur blog, Thnx for the update! 🙂

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