Finally got it!

26 03 2009

Well, last nite went to Kluang Mall and I finally got to buy LG Q KS360. RM699 with free 1G memory card, kinda expensive but not so expensive like my mom Nokia Express Music…haha

My Red Version LG Q KS360…. banzai! banzai!

BTW, while walking around the Kluang Mall, Sushi King already opened it store there!! Yatta! I can go eat sushi there everyday! Haha…now Kluang’s people have a new place to hang out eh, no longer just kopitiam and all….hahaha…but Kluang Station still is my fave.

To anyone who want to buy LG Q KS360, please check carefully your phone before purchasing. Ask whether the system is already updated or not, or your phone will have a bit of problem to shut down




3 responses

26 03 2009

Camni aku pun nak tukar phone la, haha.

26 03 2009

waaaaaaaaaa……………… i nak hp i balik dari service center T_T

27 03 2009

@zann : haha…sila la tukar….nak yang sama ke yang lain?

@tksan : sabar2….x lama lagi dapat la tue

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