Journey Through the Decade lyric (TV Size)

14 03 2009

Song : Journey Through the Decade
Singer : Gackt


Miageru hoshi
Sorezore no rekishi ga kagayaite
Seiza no you
Senga musubu shunkan hajimaru legends

Oorora, yurameku jikuu koete
Tobikomu meisou suru Parallel World

On the road. Daremo tabi no tochu
Hontou no jibun jishin deau tame
Atarashii yoake to tsuzuku michi ni kawaru no darou
Moku geki se yo..
Journey Through the Decade


I look at the stars
Various sagas are shining
Just like the constellations
.. only by connecting them with lines, does a legend start

Aurora, go through the flickering dimensions
Dive into that straying parallel world

On the road. Everyone is in the middle of a journey
.. to find the real self
The road will probably continue to change toward a new dawn
Be witness to it…
Journey Through the Decade




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