Kamen Ride Decade episode 4 and 5

28 02 2009

Kamen Rider Kiva Sekai!!

Click next if you already seen it or want spoilers. If you don’t want spoiler or din’t saw Decade yet, don’t click next

Episode 4

From episode 3, Decade and the gang, and yes, for some reason, including Kuuga, went to Kiva’s sekai. It is totally a parallel from Kamen Rider Kiva because it is definitely different from Kamen Rider Kiva series.

For some reason, I found it strange. In this sekai, Fangire and human are living together. No Queen to destroy the fangire who in love with human. They live happily ever after….sort of

Wataru a.k.a Kiva is still a child or more correctly, a prince that need to claim the throne of the King. For him is the King’s armor, Kiva armor.

The funny thing is, Castle Doran is like a dragon castle stuck at tall building. With hanging feets and all….. ^______^ Kawaii~

Tsukasa a.k.a Decade, his character in Kiva’s sekai is a violinist….figure….and he play the same tune in Kamen Rider Kiva. The one Wataru and Otoya played.

Episode 4 ends on one Fangire who want to be a king, fight with Wataru for Kiva’s armor. The symbol of Kings.

Episode 5
The fangire manage to steal Kivatto and Wtaru been left alone. The new King, which is the fangire, immediately ceast the Fangire and human live together rules. Other than that, Bishop, Garuru, and the rest bow in front of the new king. Poor Wataru.. T_T

To make thing short, as always, Decade save the world. In Kuuga sekai, Kuuga turn into some sort of flying skate cum bug look a like. This time, Kiva turn into archery bow and have a giant Kivatto symbol on it. Decade shoot the fangire and the fangire blow up or something like that….

To make things worse, the fangire is actually Wataru’s father…..I know I know…in Kamen Rider Kiva, the father is the human but inside Decade….the father is the fangire…

Next sekai, Kamen Rider Yuuki sekai…

The End




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