Kamen Rider Kiva epi 48

24 01 2009

Episode 48 is the finale of Kamen Rider Kiva…all that I can say is the ending is ROFL!

People who din’t see yet, better not click to read more because it might contain spoiler. Click at your own risk.

It is all started when Bishop challenging Wataru because he say that Wataru is the impostor king and he will not aknowledge that. BTW, Bishop’s white eyes is scary~

Then come Taiga challenging Wataru again and Wataru fight him after Taiga say that he killed their mother to obtain Dark Kiva.

While Kiva and dark Kiva fighting, come lots of fangire and they have no choice to fight the fangire first.

IXA fight with Bishop and killed him, in return, Bishop use his own energy?/life force? ….. ermmmm whatever they called it, to revive the King. (Cayang, the King’s form are different. Betul la cakap u.)

Kiva and Dark Kiva fighting together to defeat the King. King throw Kiva on the cliff and Otoya, in the form of spirit, save Wataru. (WTF!)

Together they fight to defeat the King. If you ask me, that time, the King have become like Yoyo. Ditarik, Ditendang, Ditarik, Ditumbuk…haha

Few days later, Megumi and Nago getting married. Yuri, Megumi’s mother, came in the form of spirit to congratulate her daughter. (WTF? What  with Kiva and spirits… *shudder*)

Well, Wataru is about to perform by playing violin but been interrupt by someone who came from future. It is his son, Kurenai Masao (I don’t know who Wataru fuck and all, but he got a son, who came from future. 22 years future)

Well it ends with Dark Kiva, Kiva, Future Kiva, IXA, Galulu or is it Garuru?, Banshaa and Dogga jump into the sky to defeat Neo-Fangire.

There, the basic storyline of Kiva episode 48. The finale. The ending.

January 25th is the official date for Kamen Rider Decade. Can’t wait.

10 Kamen Rider in one Kamen Rider series. WTF!!!




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25 01 2009

kan i dah cakap… king lain skit 😀

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