My Day : January 18, 2009

18 01 2009

Went to Batu Pahat to meet my cayang there. When we meet we at first decided to play some bowling but unfortunately, there are some tournament going on and they book the whole bowling alleys. Went to the cinema but there’s no movies that I want to watch so we just went around the mall. Having lunch at Pizza Hut and ordered some pizza and drinks.

Delicious!!! Haha, after pizza and went around again, me and cayang decided to give the fish spa a try and a lot of fishes decided to go to cayang’s feet. Haha

Well, not much anyway. All we do is walk around and window shopping. Things are currently kinda cheap due to CNY soon. I purchase Skin Food’s base coat and 2 Elianto’s nail polish




2 responses

18 01 2009

lol… kene log in dulu ke? ekekeke….

wooo… banyak giler ikan kat kaki i…. gigit~ gigit~

20 01 2009

tue la pasal…hahahaaaaa

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