Fish Spa

25 12 2008

Because of Christmas, I decided to went back to my hometown at Kluang but before that, after my mom pick me up at Melaka at Wednesday, we sleep for one night at my grandma’s place at Muar. The daf after, my mom decided to bring my grandma and grandpa to enjoy some breakfast. At Muar, breakfast equal to mee bandung and sate, well, some of us la…haha

After breakfast, we went for Giant there and shop a bit of groceries for the house. There is a fish spa and my mom decided to try it. I join her and later my grandma also. For the fact it was fishes and it tickles as hell. I’m afraid I’m gonna stomp all the fish dead but it kinda nice. They eat away your dry dead skin away from your feet and intoxication on you body through your feet. After 20 minutes, I feel a bit light-headed and a bit healthy…haha

The tub full of fishes that been imported from China.

My grandma trying and both my little cousins who curious about the fish

My feet..haha




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