22 12 2008

Gomen-ne minna

As if there’s minna in my blog here, I just assume there is readers…haha

I am too busy and too lazy…well…more lazy than busy to update this blog. Nothing new happening.

No outing…

No cooking bento…

But there is a LAN party organize by the tenants where I am staying right now but I don’t want to talk about it. haha

OH! KAT-TUN release a new single for Christmas and it’s called White X’mas. The song are nice and the melody are soothing but the lyrics, I dunno Japanese but due to the translation that some provided, it is quite sad. Something about a lover waiting for his lover but she din’t came or something like that. Wakanai~

Anyhow, I hate Junno’s and Koki’s new image. They seems dull compare to others…oh well….its their style. There’s nothing I could do aite?

What’s more…………..


Nothing more……I guess?

Oh…. Happy Christmas to whoever that celebrate it and I’m gonna go back to my hometown o this Wednesday and coming back to Melaka on Monday. Till then, ja ne~





2 responses

27 12 2008

wah…so handsome^^
yg pakai hood kepala tu siapa?

27 12 2008

yg pakai hood? ermmm…tue la Ueda Tatsuya…the pretty boy

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