Bento #1

19 11 2008

My attempt of bento-ing was actually….kinda….maybe failed? Let the picture do the talking

Sorry the quality of the picture are kinda blurry and low, I only have Nokia 3660 camera and its megapixel are are basically sucks. White short-grain rice, canned mackerel in chilli sauce and star-shaped grilled potato. That’s what in the bento. I only have rice cooker, oven toaster, multipurpose cooker and really small fridge. So I don’t have a lot of space to keep veggie, fruits or any other frozen stuff. *sigh* Maybe gonna buy carrot or cucumber, if I have the budget. The star-shaped potato actually an experiment for my star-shaped cookie cutter that I buy from The Store at Kluang. Well, you will see a lot of canned sardine or mackerel in my bento because I got lots of it. ^_^

Other than that, this actually what I’ve do yesterday or so but too lazy too blog about it. Once again, testing the cookie cutter but this time it is heart-shaped one. I use it on bread and toast it in my oven toaster. Put a bit of sugar, it looks like cookie or some sort. *grin*

Kawaii desyo~ Haha, and one more thing, egg mayonaisse sandwich

I accidently put too much salt and it is salty. Can’t finish everything because of the saltiness but I manage to finish about half. If you squint your eyes to the picture a bit, you will see on the left sandwich, the egg are kinda reddish? Well, I mix a bit of chilli sauce for taste and trying to cool down the saltiness but it failed miserably. *knock her head* Baka me.

Well, that’s all, other people who pro at cooking and bento-ing must be smirking at my post right now. I know, I’m bad at this. Haha





3 responses

20 11 2008

comel love tu

20 11 2008
Wendy Pua

Good Job, Keep In Up With Ur Bento-Ing Interest!!!
Cheers !!

20 11 2008

@wenkt : comel kan~ hahaha

@wendy : cheers too! thank you for selling bento items too

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