Liar Game

13 11 2008

Liar Game is the most psychology thriller drama that I love because how the character use psychology on human behavior to deceive other people. This drama is about Kanzaki Nao, a too honest person who been pulled into Liar Game, a game that she will definitely lose. At first, she been given 100 million and the game are that she need to get her rival’s 100 million. Due to found out that her rival is her own middle school teacher, she trustly give her 100 million dollar to him and found out that she been deceived. To get herself out of this game and debt, she ask for help from a genius swindler, Akiyama Shinichi.

The rest of the drama will full of how Akiyama Shnichi judge a person behaviur and using that behavior, he deceive them. Everything that he do is to save Kanzaki Nao and found out who is behind the Liar Game.

You need to see this drama. From 5 stars, I give this drama … well … 5 STARS because I love this drama so much. This drama is on top of my favorite drama.

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