Itazura na Kiss

13 10 2008

Romantic Comedy type of anime. An anime based from a manga in the same name, Itazura na Kiss or in translation (maybe) ‘Mischievous Kiss’. This anime have 25 episodes.

This anime begin when Aihara Kotoko try to give Irie Naoki her love confession letter but got rejected by him. She thought about forgetting him and erase her love but when her house got crashed by earthquake, her father’s friend offer to let them stay at his house. Unfortunately or should I say fortunately, that house is Irie Naoki’s father’s house and they live together until her house get fixed. The rest of the story you have to watched yourself.

Beware of episode 13 to 14…kot? Because its very sad episode throughout the anime but after that its happy, comedic moment.






2 responses

13 10 2008

anime yg ditgk waktu tgh study… ekekeke

13 10 2008

shhh…jgn ler bgtau sapa2….haha

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