Things I buy with my duit raya

4 10 2008

Haha….got a bit duit raya. Sikit jerk. I decided to buy something with that money. I surf Garage Sales @ forum and found some stuff that I like.

Things that I buy are:

Bento Box RM15

Bento Combo RM35

Egg Mould RM15

Hair Straightener RM15

Red Sakura Warming Bag RM15 but got discount. So I pay only RM10

Green Apple Cutleries RM10

Hehehehehe!! Flame-sama Happy!!! V(^_^)V

All is item will arrive in a few days, can’t wait for it. Actually, ada banyak lagi benda nak beli tapi simpan duit lu sebab nanti kat Melaka nak g makan kat Sushi King, so kalau ada duit lagi baru beli.

All of this price not include postage…haha




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18 10 2008
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