Otanjoubi Omedetou Ueda Tatsuya-san!!!

4 10 2008

Sorry for the late wish. One more time, Happy Birthday Ueda Tatsuya-san. May you live a happy life and a longer life. Yay!!!

Well, if someone wondering who is Ueda Tatsuya, a bit of info about him


Name: Ueda Tatsuya
Nicknames: Tat-chan, Ueda, Uebo, Uepi
Birthdate: October 4, 1983
Horoscope: Libra
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 53 kg
B/W/H: 79/69/85 cm
Family: Parents & 1 older sister
Talents: Basketball, guitar, piano, boxing
Entered Johnny’s: June 1998
Reason to enter Johnny’s: Likes Imai Tsubasa
Admired senpais: Domoto Tsuyoshi & Imai Tsubasa
Favorite colors: black, red
Favorite season: winter
Favorite Part of Body: hands
Favorite Animal: dolphin
Favorite Food: spaghetti, steak, sashimi, caesar’s salad
Favorite Things to Do: read comics in the bathtub, play basketball & guitar
Favorite School Subject: history
Favorite Flower: rose

About Ueda Tatsuya:-
1. He is the U of KAT-TUN and was the official leader until he stepped down.
2. Among the KAT-TUN members, he is the only one who hasn’t starred in a drama yet.
3. As a child, he witnessed a man being killed.
4. He went to an all-boy’s school.
5. He joined the Johnny’s because he admired Tsubasa Imai so much.
6. He is a sensitive person, and is easily hurt by what others say.
7. Band-mate Jin Akanishi who joined Johnny’s 6 months after Ueda thought at first that Ueda was a senpai of the same level as Hideaki Takizawa.
8. He was once talent-scouted by another talent agency.
9. Band-mate Kazuya Kamenashi befriended him when they formed KAT-TUN and always looks out for him. One of his wishes is for Ueda to have a solo concert one day.
10. Before KAT-TUN’s first concert in 2002, he got into a fist fight with Kazuya Kamenashi, which nearly resulted in the splitting of the group. A reenactment of the fight can be seen on the 2002 concert DVD.
11. According to various j-web entries and the Kaizokuban Interviews, he is closest to band-mate Yuichi Nakamaru outside of KAT-TUN.
12. Ryo Nishikido from NEWS/Kanjani8 is sometimes cruel to Ueda. After Kazuya Kamenashi asked Ryo not to question Ueda about his ambitions, telling him that Ueda gets upset that he isn’t sure about it, Ryo publicly questioned him again. Then, early this year, Ryo announced that he hates Ueda most of all the Johnny’s. However, it has come to light that this rivalry was actually started by Shōnen Club, a Johnny’s Entertainment variety show. Despite the fact that the rivalry was mostly scripted, Ryo (famed for his cutting remarks) has admitted that he might have taken the incident too far by not thinking before speaking.
13. He learned to play the piano as a child, but now prefers the guitar and sometimes plays in KAT-TUN’s songs, such as “Rhodesia” and “Butterfly”.
14. He speaks/is learning both English and French (the same as his idol, Gackt).
15. He used to want to be a teacher, but decided against it after realising that he might be assigned to an all-girls school (he says he would be too nervous).
16. His current long-term ambition is to direct classical music, while at present he has a share in creating KAT-TUN’s music.
17. He wants to name his future daughter “Elizabeth”, but because Japanese people would find it difficult to pronounce, he’d shorten it to “Eri/Eli”.
18. On the basketball team in school, he says he was very good.
19. He sometimes wears blue contact lenses.
20. He is most famous for his song “Love in Snow” sung during KAT-TUN’s Kaizokuban concert. Like “Love in Snow,” most of his solos are ballads, like “Pieces” and “Kakigoori,” while others are rock songs, such as “Sparking” and “Lost.”
21. He comes from a wealthy family (according to SUMMARY backstage and the cartoon KAT-TUN episode of April 11, 2007)- he travels on private planes from time to time. Nakamaru Yuichi of KAT-TUN further commented that Ueda goes to Hawaii every year for vacation.
22. When he was a kid, he went to calligraphy school on Monday’s, Sorobans (a traditional way to calculate) on Tuesdays, swimming on Wednesday, Painting on Thurdays, English on Fridays, Cram school on Saturdays
23. He sometimes goes practice boxing 5 times a week
24. He prefers not to dance, but does anyways
25. He was once abandoned in the mountains.
26. When J-Rock star Gackt found out that Ueda was a huge fan of him, he gave him his special Gackt necklace. Ueda wears it often
27. Likes older women.
28. When he was younger, he claimed to see a fairy, until he turned 20 he couldn’t see the “so-called” fairy anymore.
29. He was voted No. 1 for “Who is the most suspicious?”
30. Along with fellow band-mates Akanishi Jin & Nakamaru Yuichi, he used to be from the johnny junior group M.A.D.
31. The first KAT-TUN member to held a solo concert.




3 responses

5 10 2008

panjangnye ‘about ueda’…. ekeke

6 10 2008


15 07 2009

“10. Before KAT-TUN’s first concert in 2002, he got into a fist fight with Kazuya Kamenashi, which nearly resulted in the splitting of the group. A reenactment of the fight can be seen on the 2002 concert DVD.”


“3. As a child, he witnessed a man being killed.”

aww poor Ueda, he MUST be protected form all things bad! hes just so AMAZING!

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