Dah lama x update… >.<

15 09 2008

Dah brapa hari puasa?

Dah 16 hari.

Lagi berapa lama?

Lagi 14 hari?

And I already missed about 7 days…zzz….sucks to be a girl on this current situation.

Well, nie sebab dah lama x update so terpikir la nak update. Banyak jugak things that happen due to fasting month tapi agak malas nak cerita. ^.^

But wanna say about one things. Omedeto to Ueda Tatsuya for his solo concert. Do your best man, you are the best and the cutest and the sexier…opps….huhu…x baik pikir benda2 sexy masa bulan puasa nie…

What to do?~ You are sexy!!! Kya!!




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