To all my bestest friends

5 07 2008

To my former bestfriend,
Do u even missed the way we are before?
Do u even remember how we are so closed before?
I hope you don’t cuz I don’t either…
Are you happy?
Are you happy with your life now?
Are you happy with your “bestfriend”?
I hope you don’t cuz I am happy with my life now…

To my still bestfriend,
I saw you as my lil’ sister
When you leave us, I am sad, I just don’t show it.
You must remember, in this world and in this life, people have their own matters to settle,
Don’t think that we don’t love you cuz we do,
If you asked me to go visit you, I wish I could but I am not that free and rich,
So when you want to blame it on me, think about others first,
May you find your happiness, lil’ sister, cuz there are bigger world then you think it was.

To my current bestfriend,
Gal, sometimes, u need to read the atmosphere throughly,
Did u know that your boyfriend might be jealous when you be too friendly with other guy?
But you are so innocent that make me want to teach you about the world.
Hope you happy too….

From me.




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