Kitties and more kitties

10 06 2008

Some of my fren might know this, at my home, there are a stray female cats give birth to 4 kittens 6 months ago. The same stray cats give birth again to 4 kittens.

Total kittens = 8.
Totals kitties = 8

I have 2 pets, and its both cats. Ray and Puteh.

Total pets = 2
Total kitties = kittens + pets = 10

There are 3 stray cats that always eat at my house, and they all female. My male cats become playboy and bring home wives…haihz.

Total stray = 3

Total kitties = kittens + pets + stray = 13.

My mom once wish to have an orange colored cat. Her wish came true when 6 month ago, one of the kitten is orange color and her ‘belang’ oso unique. But her wish came true too much because due to her wish, there are another 3 orange color kittens. >.<

So, mom, becareful what u wished for kay




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