Balik Kampung~

8 10 2007

My last exam adalah pada 06/10 and masa tue hari sabtu, so my mom decided to pick me up after my exam. Kitorg gie muar dulu, stay overnight and the next moning go back to Kluang. Kinda bored here and in 5 more days, its Hari Raya. Can’t wait.


Newest news, my love life sucks!! Haha… >.< Nothing much to talk about, not that I really care but who doesn’t wan romance. RIGHT?

Persiapan raya lak, all kuih muih already beli. Baju raya already take from the tailor. The house already clean but its not like we gonna celebrate raya at my house. For most of the time, we gonna slave ourself at my grandparents house. Then maybe after that directly go to Muar.I dunno the plan yet but usually its like that. Haha

So, advanced Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Please give me a lot of duit raya because I need money. haha…





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