Its Cute and all but….

16 07 2007

Once upon a time, my mom came to visit me at Melaka. We decided to go to Muar and overnight there then she gonna send me back to Melaka on Sunday. When we arrive there, and agter ‘punggah’ all the bags and all, she give me one plastic bag.

She said,”Nie, Aunty Minah kasik (Here, your aunty Minah give)”

So, I open up the plastic bag and what I saw suprise me to the fullest which cause a stomachache due to overlaughing.

Its cute and all but it is just not my style.

Here’s the reason why…
1) It has PINK MICKEY MOUSE LOGO!!! *faint*
2) Overly printed mickey mouse head.
3) Last but not least,  the handbag got cartoon printed on it.

It is cute but  somehow, I can’t face myself to wear it. My cousin, aunty Minah’s daughter, totally will fall in love with this bag but well, anyway, Aunty Minah, thanks for the bag. I sure will keep it but I don’t think i will wear it….

Well, its pity…if it not because the mickey mouse head all over it, I will surely wear it. Maybe I will find the courage to wear it…I said maybe, not definitely




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