Most Fave Morning Musume Member by my opinion

17 06 2007

There u go, I like Niigaki Risa the most in the current line-up of Morning Musume. 😀




4 responses

27 06 2007

I like Tanaka. my line up for MM is, 1st: Tanaka, 2nd: Niigaki, 3rd: Kusumi, 4th: Mitsui, 5th: Michishige, 6th: Takahashi and 7th: Kamei. the other 2 is from China not familiar yet. Thats my line-up. miss Fujimoto n Hitomi!

4 07 2007

Hmmm I dunno about Fujimoto but I definitely miss Yossie!!!

6 07 2007

wow i luved the Sexy 8 Beat album! so cool. all the song are great. yeah Hitomi is the best Musomo leader. let hope Aichan do her best at bein a Mosumu leader. I know Aichan and Gaki-San can lead Momusu to the top. The ‘Miracle’ Kusumi and Mitsui is the key future for Musomo. Mitsui voice are great.

7 07 2007

Yeah…I love her voice soo much…

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